Do you have a crochet fan in your life that you’d like to buy something fabulous for but stuck for ideas? Never fear, Yay For Crochet is here! Here’s my gift guide for the crocheter in your life (or if you want to treat yo’self!). I’ve rounded up a range of gifts from UK sellers whether your budget is for the office Secret Santa or you want to splash the cash.

1. Necklace

Statement jewellery is a fabulous gift for the yarn addict in your life. There’s a ton of indy designers selling their cute necklaces on etsy, tailor made for the crafty one in your life. Two of my favourite designers are Lanabou and KitschyBling Things, from £12

2. Hobbycraft Gift Card

There are over 90 Hobbycraft stores across the UK, full of yarn goodies and lots of other crafts in case they fancy widening their skills. Vouchers can also be bought online, so it’s a good idea for a last minute gift, and also they can be spent online too if the recipient can’t get to a store.  From £5 www.hobbycraft.co.uk

3. Crochet Project Bag

Every crochet addict needs a bag to stuff their yarn and WIPs into. If you can create a personalised one, even better! I love this creation from Alice Palace Designs on Etsy, from £15.

4. Crochet Kit

Giving someone a crochet kit means they’ll have the hook, the yarn and pattern, so everything they need to get started on their next project straight away, even if its Christmas Day (or should that be CROCHETMAS DAY?!?!).

Yay For Crochet’s Pom Pom Beanie and Snood Kit is available from Etsy for £23

5. Crochet Pattern Book

You’ll find a huge range of crochet books to suit different skills from beginner to more complex patterns for the more experienced. Whether they enjoy making for babies, creating amigurumi or even taxidermy they’ll be a book out there perfect for them. Crochet Cute Critters by Sarah Zimmerman is available from Amazon, £13.17.

6. Yarn Bowl

Perfect for stopping your balls running away, a yarn bowl will mean that the crochet lover in your life will not waste their time chasing their wool / detangling it and have more time for stitching away in front of the telly. As well as being practical there are some beautiful designs out there like the ones from Throw in Stone on Etsy (£25) and my personal favourite because its so silly is the Troll Bowl yarn bowl from Sun and Moon Creations (£35).

7. Ergonomic handle

RSI pain when crocheting. The struggle is real. A few years ago I bought the Boye Ergonomic Crochet Handle it dramatically helped with the pain. The handle fits all hook sizes from size B (2.25mm) to size K (6.5mm) which means that you don’t need to buy a whole new set of hooks. £4.99 from Sew Direct.

8. Tickets to a Yarn Show

There are yarn shows and creative craft shows happening up and down the country. You’ll find a selection of stall holders and exhibitions. Treat them to a day out with like minded people, and even better book them into a workshop where they can improve their skills!  Here’s a list of UK Yarn Shows in 2020 to find one that’s local to you.

9. Blocking Board

Blocking boards are so useful. If you’ve spent time and effort making a million granny squares or hexies for your project blocking them before sewing will make them look so much more professional and also be a lot easier to work with. Made in the Meadow will give you the option to personalise your board as well as including a handy storage area for all the little rods! From £16

10. Pin badges

If you’re looking for a great stocking filler or have a budget of around £5-7 for the office Secret Santa a little pin badge could be just the trick. There’s a wide range of pins on etsy including this fab little hooker pin from Girl Gang HQ for £5.

11. LED hands free light

Random but this hands free LED light is incredibly handy! It goes around the neck and shines a light on your work as you crochet. Great for a bit of car crochet when the Winter nights draw in. SGerste Multi-Functional Flexible HandsFree Neck LED Light Neck Light available from Amazon £4.96.

12. Hoodie

Stitcher Tees create some great hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts especially for yarn lovers. The slogans include Yarnicorn, Crocheter and Yarnivore. What’s more is they are made with organic, fairtrade cotton. Hoodies from £40.

13. Magazine Subscription

Giving a magazine subscription to an awesome crochet magazine like Inside Crochet, Crochet Now or Simply Crochet magazine means every month guaranteed you’ll put a smile on their face! Each mag will be filled with loads of patterns to get them inspired and every time it drops through their letterbox they’ll be giving you a virtual hi-five of delight! Some magazines offer free gifts when you subscribe like a yarn bundle and who doesn’t need more yarn in their life???! Prices vary.

If you’re a crocheter I’d love to hear about any other ideas of presents that you’d like for Christmas or a Birthday, let me know in the comments below.

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